Posters & Prints

See a picture I’ve taken that you’d love to have? Purchase it today or let me turn it into a poster for your player.


$ 50 per poster
  • Choose a poster style
  • Choose or send me a high resolution digital image*
  • I will send you an 8x10 PDF & JPG digital poster within about 48 hours

Photo Prints

$ 5 per digital image
  • Print prices vary
  • You may print and share the digital images however you choose

If you want me to snap a few photos of your player, just ask. I'll post them in a password-protected gallery for you to review and purchase any you like.

My Pictures


Who Am I?

My name is Amanda Ford and I’ve been developing websites and marketing pieces since 2000. That’s over two decades of experience working on large, medium, and small websites and marketing for public sector, private sector, and non-profit companies.

In my spare time, I love taking pictures of my kids and creating art with these images.